When my empty belly talks. I was on a coastal zone here in Venezuela, at the Caribbean Sea. I was walking with my big pack and my camera, suddenly I realize that I am starving but I didn´t  have any money or food either. So I stepped in the house of this Little guy and his family. They sell Empanadas (breakfast).  I ate two of them and at that time, I was ready to keep on walking and take the public bus.

When I was ate already, I  asked  this dude to take  him a picture, because he was  very  kind with me and I wanted to keep  him  in my negatives; he said “Yes, no problem, but send me the final picture via e-mail”

The person behind him is his father, he cooks the breakfast and his son delivers  it.

*Empanadas: typical breakfast in Venezuela, It´s made with corn flour filled with seafood, chicken, cheese, meet, etc.


The Drums of San Juan. This photo was taken in a national holiday that takes place in La Guaira, Vargas State, Venezuela. Vargas said State is where it’s the country’s main airport, Caracas Simon Bolivar International Airport. (30 minutes from Caracas)

It’s a party in which you are paying homage to San Juan, religious festivals for devotees and for those who want to go, many people of all ages on the streets. The main attraction is “the drums of San Juan”.

Local play drums all day, everybody drinks, dance, enjoy and children are looking forward to the day when they can play drum rhythms in the streets.

When you come to Venezuela, let me know and we can go to take a swim in the waters of the Caribbean town of San Juan.





De izq. a Der.: tía Bety, mi madre Oma, abuela Josefina y auelo Neno.

From left to right: aunt Bety, my mother Oma, grandmother Josefina and grandfather Neno. 1970 aprox.

Abuelo Neno y abuela Josefina en una terraza en Caracas 1965 aprox. Una Caracas distinta a la actual.

Grandfather Neno and Grandmother Josefina on a balcony in Caracas, 1965 aprox. A different Caracas from the one nowadays.

Retrato a mi madre Omaira y su madre Josefina. 2011.

Portrait of my mother Omaira and her mother Josefina. 2011.

The last day of my grandma’s house. This is a look to my grandma’s house in its last day, she died recently this year and the house that lasted so long, now belongs to someone else. A humble house in downtown Caracas where she, coming from another state inside the country, lived until the last day of her life with her life long companion, Neno(Nazareno).

I’m sure that wherever they are, Neno is cooking a big pot of tomato’s sauce for a great pasta (typical Italian), to later be eaten with Josefina.

Rest in peace, love you both!!