Salvador posing with a Yashica camera that once belonged to his grandfather.

I’d met this brilliant little guy who’s mind is flooded with infinity imagination and stories in the Master of Documentary Photography in Madrid. Through his eyes a simple photograph could have endless pages of interesting interpretation and possible origins and ending, always with a twisted spanish humor. Needless to say he has helped me to mature my sense of perception and therefore my approach to photography.

Now wherever I go, if I see a good picture I will ask myself, “What would Salva think of this?” .





I used to go to this bar, during the afternoons and the evenings. One of those afternoons, this old lady showed up. I watch how she came in, with her furry coat and then I saw the dazed face from the bartender.

1.- She reached to hang her coat but noticed that it was full and looked up.

2.- After that she looked over the bar, either had dry lips or was eager to drink her tea, she stuck out her tongue and wet her lips.

3.- Then she sat down and took her cup of tea.

Later I asked the bartender why he gave that uncomfortable face when the old lady came in, and the answer was because that lady is a little pain in the ass, she comes every day and talks too much and on the top of that is that she is always trying to leave wining an euro from the bill.

I laughed and ask for another beer…




I studied in Madrid for a while. I walked a lot around the the streets like any other South American, impressed by the order, the architectural structures that endured over the time, the museums and the photographic exhibitions. But one of the things that struck me the most were the faces that I could see anywhere at anytime. Specially, female faces that left me open mouthed. Here is an example, She is Rocio Madrid.