The day before the Lunar New Year, father and I went out to the local rural market and bought thousands worth of meat and vegetables, enough to feed 40 people for the two-days feast. When we stopped by the poultry stand he specifically told the butcher not to cut off the head and claws of the chicken because it is used to worship the gods.

The morning of the Lunar New Year, grandmother wakes up before the sunrise to prepare all the food for the ritual. Usually this is how we set up the table for the gods and the spirits of the deceased. It always includes three kind of sacrifices(三生); a bird, a fish and a pig. The table completes with three types of fruits and three sets of cups for tea and alcohol.

The burning of incense, silver and golden papers and Hell’s Bank Notes is also part of the ritual, this year mother bought some new model of notes, the 100,000 thousand bill resembles to the American’s 100 dollars bill and the 500,000 bill has the european map printed at back. The ritual begins by lighting up the incense to each small shrines we have at home, and we have to worship each god and ancestor before the incense burns out.

The shrine for ur ancestors and our Goddess of Mercy, Guanyin (觀音菩薩). The Ruler of Heaven (天官賜), he carries the responsibility for bestowing good fortune. The Earth God of Overseas (地主神), has powers to help gather wealth and protection to the ones that are not living in the homeland.
The Earth God (土地父), responsible for the harvest.

Hopefully this year will be good …