Villa Hermosa, the place itself reflects nothing of the name that it was given. Perhaps the only beauty of the town are those who live in it, which mostly are immigrants from Haiti that have settled in and built their own houses with zinc plates and woods.

Recently I met eight years old Ramón who built his own toy based on caps and a bottle of mechanical oil. I also came across with María skipping the rope that she found on the garbage pile with one handle missing, which reminds me that I used to own one similar during my childhood. Not far from the little girl were nine years old Elías, who was playing Mancala with white pebbles that he collected on the ground.

Tomorrow, Dec. 25 in the Dominican Republic, while some children will find presents under the plastic pine tree left by  Santa Claus. Others, however, will continue to play just like any another day with the toys manufactured with a little bit of garbage and a lot of imagination.