When my empty belly talks. I was on a coastal zone here in Venezuela, at the Caribbean Sea. I was walking with my big pack and my camera, suddenly I realize that I am starving but I didn´t  have any money or food either. So I stepped in the house of this Little guy and his family. They sell Empanadas (breakfast).  I ate two of them and at that time, I was ready to keep on walking and take the public bus.

When I was ate already, I  asked  this dude to take  him a picture, because he was  very  kind with me and I wanted to keep  him  in my negatives; he said “Yes, no problem, but send me the final picture via e-mail”

The person behind him is his father, he cooks the breakfast and his son delivers  it.

*Empanadas: typical breakfast in Venezuela, It´s made with corn flour filled with seafood, chicken, cheese, meet, etc.