From: salvaarellano@hotmail.com/ Sent: Monday, October 28th of 2013. 14.25.23/ For: Father

Father, who is that in the photo of Corella that is under the old kitchen? That picture looks like a drawing. Arms on the jar and beret. Niceto or something? Do you know anything about him? Profession? Who was it? How did he die?

From: Padre/ Sent: Monday, October 28th of 2013 14.43.43/ For: salvaarellano@hotmail.com

He is my paternal great-grandfather, Nicomedes Arellano, occupation farmer. I know no more. This will happen to everyone. One day a grandson of yours will ask who is this adventurer in the photos in India, in the jungles, in congresses? And no one will know how to answer…

Sic transit gloria mundi…