Riccardo Geda (Torino, Italy. 1981).  For a long time, there were moments where I felt more than I could managed to express: I was missing the tool. Through out experimentation and luck I stumbled upon a camera. The aspect in which my work is focused are the relationship, physical and emotional, between the people and the land they inhabit. My latest project, P.A.U. from Vallecas has been published in various digital media like FronteraD or Le Journal de la Photographie.

David Barreiro (A Estrada, Spain 1982). I’m a photographer, if one can still be. Had several online and paper publications and some exhibition to support this theory. Photography provides me an effective way to connect with the world and with others. It is my means of expression and my way of life.

Daniel E. Hernandez S. (Caracas, Venezuela 1984). Photographer. Studied in various places about the subject. Group exhibitions in different places and some photos published on the web and trade publications. Trying to survive with photography, as it is my decision and I will keep it until the end. We go with everything!

Calina Fung (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 1987). I dedicate myself to the administration of a small chain of motels, as it also happens to be my family’s business, but my true passion lays on photography. I hope to spend my life dedicated on it. My work has been published in digital media as

Salvador Arellano (Mutilva Alta, España 1989). My grandfather was a farmer and I am a son of a poet. Furthermore, I am also a journalist and freelance photographer. Between 2008 and 2013 I had exhibitions in Spain, Portugal and India. I posted pictures in print and digital media, and also a catalog “Hidden Lands”, Arunachal Pradesh (India). In 2012 I received the Future Award Al Betrayal from EFTI.