Dirty Ballons

From 8 to 16 years old my family and I used to live in a Motel along with my three other cousins and their parents , it is a very big and deteriorated building, it contains 98 rooms and 4 stories high. It was built during the early 70s, sometimes you can still see the beauty that it once was. When the business is bad, usually the 4th floor and the roof was ours to roam freely and to play hide and seek. We had a very big and bizarre playground, therefore there were lots of weird surprises left behind by the clients. Every time when we find a “dirty ballon” we loved picking it up and throw it at the motel’s cleaning ladies. It was funny to see how they reacted with a disgusted face, not knowing why. Until one day, my mom found out about that made us promise to never touch those ballons again by almost ripping our ears out. I wished I knew the reason sooner. I guess playing around the field and collecting animal’s remains is far more exciting than picking up used condoms by stranger.


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  1. Yu Tang says:

    That was some interesting childhood memories, much more interesting than me playing with chicken, rabbits, and frogs when I was a child living in the village.

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